Adoptions process

Once we get your application we can then give you a call and have a chat about it along with the cats we have for adoption.
Please remember this is about trying to match the cat to the right home for it's needs so please be honest as it would not be fair to the cat if it did not end up in the right home for its needs.

We are always pleased to receive applications. Please consider being on our waiting list and that way we can match cats and people much quicker and the cats don't wait so long for their new home. It would help all our cats, either not have to come into care, which is pretty stressful in itself, as it adds another 'move' into the process or it means they needn't stay with us too long before they arrive home with you! See our application below.

The cat comes first!

It is our decision on which home is right for a cat and it is based on the many years of experience we have alongside what we know of the cat. Please do not be offended if you are not successful for the particular cat. We will place you on our waiting list ready for the cat we believe would suit you best.
We do ask for video's of your home and surroundings and we may also do a home visit. 
This is a sentient being and we do our utmost to make sure we do the right thing for the cat.


We have nine kittens that will be needing new homes in the next two to three weeks. If you are interested please contact us for a chat. Meanwhile please fill out our adoption form below and we will be in touch.

Just some of the nine kittens

All similar ages, around 6 weeks old.  Four tabbies, one grey and white, one white and black, two black and one black and white.


Meg likes the outdoors but would like a safe place to explore. As with many Torties she likes things on her own terms but is affectionate. She is currently being cared for so we would like to find a new home as soon as possible. Meg is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. She is approximately 3 years old. 

Please make sure you have read our adoption policy before proceeding with your application.

Whether you are seeking a cat at this time, or thinking about it or would love to offer a home to one or more of our beautiful cats above we ask that you complete the form below and submit it.

We will then get in touch to discuss your application further. We may request a home visit as part of the discussion. 
(This might be a virtual or actual visit) 
Our focus is on making sure we match the right cat to the right home. 

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   Adoption Policy

  • All our cats will be flea/worm treated, microchipped, and neutered before they are rehomed.
  • If a kitten is too young for neutering at the time of adoption, you agree to have this done on the recommended date range that we will supply. You also agree to receive a follow up call or email to enquire whether the kitten has been neutered and to checking on the kittens’ progress over the coming months.
  • Please remember we want the absolute best for the cats in our care and we will advise accordingly, none of this is meant to cause offence it is purely because our priority is the cats' happiness and welfare. If we think your situation is not suitable for the cats or kittens in question, we reserve the right to reject your application.
  • Adoption Fee of £80.00 per cat or kitten must be paid in full at the time of adoption using the methods of cash, cheque or via bank transfer. These fees go part way to cover the costs of the animal in Arran Cat Rescues' care.
  • We ask you to complete the adoption application form and once shortlisted this will be followed by a telephone call to chat as if we were doing a home visit. Please ensure that you give full and complete answers. Our intention is always cat/kitten focussed to ensure we match the right feline to the right home and this conversation can help towards that process.
  • If your pre-adoption application is successful, you must agree to a home check by one of our volunteers. This will take the form of an actual visit to your home or, if that is not possible due to the Covid-19 situation, we will arrange a virtual home visit. We would like all members of the household to be present when our voluntee​r performs the home check.
  • You have considered all aspects of pet ownership including the costs of insurance, veterinary fees and feeding and you are prepared to accept the personal and financial responsibility of cat adoption.
  • We are not responsible for any health issues that arise after the adoption is complete. All our cats and kittens are vet checked before adoption.