Caring for ​stray & unwanted cats

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and litt​le by little, they become its visible soul.”

Jean Cocteau (Dir​ector, Orpheus)

Isle of Arran​ Cat Rescue

Arran Cat Rescue is based on the Isle of Arran, just 15 miles off the coast of mainland Scotland.
 (just 44 miles from Glasgow ).

We are an independent rescue which is currently in the process of setting up as a Scottish charity we rely totally on public donations to fund the rescue. Fosterers and volunteers alike are not paid and give their time freely.

As a volunteer based rescue it means that we all operate from our own homes. Foster volunteers set aside part of their home to care for the cats needing our help whilst we ensure they are fit and healthy prior to finding them a new home. Volunteers might be transporting food and supplies, working with social media, communicating with the public on cats lost and found, talking with owners on cat welfare advice or helping plan and hold fundraising events.

TNR Volunteer

"....I have learned a lot since being a volunteer. Having previously had cats from childhood I thought I knew about cats . It is since I have volunteered and had to foster, trap and care for these strays  that I realised I knew little...I feel much more confident now ..."

Some of our recent rescues.

Most of the kittens we home are from stray and feral mums. The process of socialising begins as soon as they come into care to prepare them for a new home. They are usually full of parasites and some will have cat flu. Careful nursing and lots of love means our fosterers need patience, time and an understanding of a kitten's health needs and be prepared to learn.

Foster volunteer.

"....I love being a fosterer... but it can be hard as you do get attached and they become part of you. When they leave  you do worry about them. We take a lot of care about the homes they go to so I know they will go on to such happier lives than when they came to us...."